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The Lords Prayer - Part 1 - Our Father

Currently religion controls the Minds and lives of billions of people, using the powerful emotions of fear and guilt to do so, often in the cruelest of ways, the most cruel of which is the refusal of a "ticket to Heaven" lest the "follower" abides by a set of theological rules, rules arising both out of a total and complete lack of understanding of the true meaning of the bible, coupled with a desire to gain control and power over people.

We need not dwell on the damage the church, and in particular one large section of the church has wrought, and continues to wreak over the centuries and over the lives and Mind of people, and in particular true Spiritual progress, it is increasingly speaking for itself.

In this newsletter however we are not concerned with the past, we are only concerned with the Now.

Other people have asked me, in all sincerity, as a result of my inclusion of bible passages in my newsletters "am I religious?" or even "what religion or belief system, do I follow?".

I renounced all religion and "systems of belief" at the age of 8 years, when I was inspired to know, in no uncertain terms, that "religion" was not what it seemed, and is a path leading at best to nowhere, and at worst to misery. I also learned that the only truth is my own truth - that which I know to be true.

Further revelations followed, but suffice it to say my true path became known to me, which I have been following it for the last 43 years, knowledge I have learned during which time I am now sharing with you, my dear newsletter subscribers and fellow aspects of God.

That said I would like to make the following absolutely clear:

1. God does exist - but not in the way depicted by religion. God is The Source, The First Cause of All that Is, and the Universal Mind in which we all live and move and have our Being.

2. The person known as "Jesus" did exist and still does exist within the inner spheres of life. He was and is the greatest human being to have ever walked on Earth, and the "highest" incarnation of The Source to have ever walked on Earth. Jesus is the "Son of God" to the same extent, no more and no less, than we are all the Children of God.

3. The collection of texts that came to be know as the "Bible" is the greatest collection of texts ever written. There are many more such texts that do not appear in the Bible, due to the fact that the early church could not use them for power and control. The texts that did make it in to the Bible have been mistranslated, misinterpreted and abused beyond all recognition in the name of the church.

I have said it before and I will say it again - there is not one single word of theology to be found anywhere within the entire Bible - not one.

The texts that make up the Bible, together with the ones that have been omitted, are a book of Initiation, Spiritual Growth and Metaphysics, but written in such a way that only those who Jesus chose to teach his teachings, starting with the 12 "Apostles" and those who were sufficiently Spiritually evolved through the ongoing process of initiation would understand, the intention being that down through the ages this would include increasingly more people.

Jesus timed his visit to Earth so that by the end of this great age, that we are all now experiencing, everyone would be ready for the next stage of evolution of humanity. Of course the reality is very different as various factions, including the church, have led humans in the opposite direction.

There is however still time, and I intend to make the most of it here in these newsletters for a start.

But first a word to the wise. The words I write I know to be true beyond any question of a doubt in my own Mind and my own real experiences.

I must advise you however that you should only accept my words if they feel true to you. Everyone recognises the truth for what it really is through the intuition that we are all blessed with though The Source, Higher Self, and conscious Mind through our Subconscious Mind. If you do not recognise this as your truth, then you must disregard it and find your own truth based upon the same principles. Always allow your inner intuition to be your Guide.

In previous newsletters we have started to look at the true meanings of the parables of Jesus in the context of reality, metaphysics and Spiritual growth.

This week, to put into perspective our true relationship with God, and our true purpose, we will start to look at a Bible passage that almost everyone can recite from memory having learned it at school - The Lords Prayer.

Today we will look at the deeper meaning of the first two words:

Our Father.....

These first two words alone dispel the position of the church that Jesus alone was the "son of God".

"Our Father" teaches once and for all that God is the "Father" of every single one of us, and we are all therefore the equal Children of God. I would like to add that God is neither male or female. God is pure Energy, far beyond the human concept of gender, vibrating at the highest frequency of all - Unconditional Love - for All of us.

This position of God as our parent also totally dispels all propaganda put forward by the church that God is vengeful, jealous or tyrannical in any way. It proves, beyond all doubt, that God, as "Our Father" and Unconditionally Loving parent, never, ever punishes his children by sending them to "hell" or inflicts any other nasty punishment simply for failing to "believe in him" or conforming to a set of arbitrary doctrines contrived by others for their own purposes, or for failing to accept "Jesus as our saviour".

God is rather the epitome of Unconditional Love to All God's Children, through Which God experiences, expresses and thereby expands in a true parent and child relationship.

Many people believe that we teach our Children, but the truth is the greatest teachers any adult can cherish on Earth are our own children. The relationship between ourselves and our children as with God and his children is symbiotic - we teach each other.

God is at once omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. God flows through us, around us, and Is us and we God.

God loves us All Unconditionally:

"If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?" -- Matthew 7:11

Note again the reference to "Your Father" not "my Father" from the perspective of Jesus.

And God provides for all of us Unconditionally - providing we open up to God in the truest sense, and not through the lip service of mechanical prayer, "worship" and "praise", because God has no Ego that requires flattery, and neither is God jealous or feels that everyone should "respect" God, and certainly does not enforce these things in any way - these are all feeble Earthly human concepts.

Now - having established that our relationship with God is that of parent and child, we can see the immensity of that responsibility, and the true potential we all have. As a child of God it is our destiny, just as with our own children, to learn, experience and grow, and just as a child starts at learning at kindergarten, so likewise Earth is our kindergarten.

God has provided us with all the toys we could possible need by way of material things, and a beautiful home in the planet Earth, notwithstanding the way the Earth home has been treated badly, and, as with any loving parent, the child will receive all the toys he or she needs in order to learn the lessons required to interact with the physical world and to learn and grow. Earth is our playground, and there are no toys we cannot have for the asking.

And finally "Our Father" proves, once and for all, the Mayan greeting that I alway conclude my newsletters with:

In Lak'ech - "I am another yourself"

This is one of the greatest truths of all. We are all One.

There are no "men", "women", "children", "Indians", "Africans", Chinese" or even "murderers" or "terrorists" - these are all human perceptions through the mediation of the five physical senses and the Ego, coupled with a lack of perspective on of our greater and ultimate reality. We are all, every single one of us, regardless of age, race and attitudes, the Children of God.

Some children may be "naughty" and endeavour to control others, blow things up, treat others badly, just as a child will do with their toys, and, like the child, they will be "corrected" through immutable Universal Principles which are perfect in their operation.It is not for humans to decide who is "good" or "bad" - notwithstanding the fact it is virtually impossible for most due to a lack of perception of anything beyond the temporal picture.

There is no "gender" or "race" or "good people" or "bad people" - these are all perceptions of people through the mediation of the five physical senses in the temporal realms of the space-time continuum of the physical Universe of which Earth is a part.

There is only God "Our Father" and "His" Children and our home is within the Universal Mind.

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