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The Bible - The Myths, the Power and the Glory

As longer term newsletter subscribers will know, I have been increasingly making use of the Bible to illustrate Principles of Metaphysics and Spiritual Growth.

When the inner meaning of the Bible is understood, as opposed to the theological interpretation of the Christian religion, then you will see its true power as a book of Initiation, especially in the case of the four Gospels.

I have received many messages asking me whether there are any religious implications behind my newsletters, in view of the fact that I often cite the Bible, and I always assure people that this is absolutely not the case in any way, shape or form.

The question then arises - how did these great teachings by the Nazarene Master, who came to be known as "Jesus" become the basis of an orthodox, dogmatic religion, that relies on indoctrination, fear and guilt to retain its adherents under their control?

To understand this apparent paradox we must first separate the Bible from Religion and take a closer look at what actually transpired starting 2000 and 1500 years or so ago.

There are accordingly two main events that we need to consider:

1. The arrival, teachings of and subsequent departure of a great Master and High Initiate, who arrived on Earth to teach humanity in readiness for the end of the age which we are now approaching.

2. The decline of the Roman Empire which needed an alternative means of controlling the masses - this time through the emotional instruments of fear and guilt as opposed to by the instrument of the sword.

The person who became known as "Jesus" which was not his real name
- "Jesus" being a Greek name whereas he was actually born to Jewish parents - arrived on Earth to teach humanity valuable lessons in Spirituality and Metaphysics to prepare as many people as possible for the end of the age which we are currently experiencing.

In next weeks newsletter we will look specifically at the biblical references to the end of the age.

Jesus knew that this would take many hundreds of years to propagate around the entire world, and therefore allowed 2000 years or so for this process to complete. His apparent strategy was to teach a group of people who became known as the "Apostles" or "Disciples"
who would then become the teachers to continue his work after he left the Earth vibration. These teachers would then teach further teachers who are Spiritually ready, and they other teachers and those who would understand, down through the centuries until humanity was fully prepared for what is to come in the next few years as we experience the transition of the ages.

The basis of these teachings were recorded in four books which became known as the "Gospels" of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John which represented the true core of Jesus mission on Earth.

Very little is known about Jesus himself, except the few years that were recorded. The previous 30 years or so remain almost a complete mystery. It is likely however that Jesus spent most of those years with a highly Spiritual and Metaphysical group known as the "Essenes" who prepared the young Jesus for his forthcoming mission.

As it happened though, at this time the Roman Empire was beginning to crumble and, not wishing to lose its grip over the populous, needed another instrument of control, and quickly.

To accomplish this they needed a central figure to rally people around. Until then the Romans had mostly worshipped the pagan God Mithras. Mithras could not be used as the central "power" because he was so well known to the populous, and the Roman emperors could add nothing more to Mithras to make Mithras the centre of power.

A new "power figure" was therefore required.

Of course the Romans were aware of Jesus and the considerable power he wielded over people, in the most positive possible way of course, and realised that this person would be a most convenient icon as a starting point for a new "religion" and power base, especially as at that time early Christianity was already taking a hold in the region. This early Christianity was probably the first and only true Christianity before the Romans perverted it.

And so over the next 300 years or so the Roman emperors looked at ways in which they could leverage Jesus and his teachings into a new Religion to exert control over the masses.

Clearly Jesus and a few books, the Gospels, where not sufficient in and of themselves, so they realised that they needed to embellish and package it in order to present to the populous as the official new Religion. This all happened around the time of the infamous Roman Emperor Constantine around 300CE - 300 years after Jesus.

This then is why and when Constantine and his clergy and priests, including pagan priests contrived the concept of the Christian myth based around of the birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection of the figure known as Jesus.

It is important to note that this was a recurring pagan theme for their deities for at least 3000 years before Jesus, with at least
16 such pagan deities having been subjected to this almost identical birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection process. Jesus was likely in fact to have been the 17th "God-man" to have been slain for the benefit of humanity. The circumstances surrounding these 16 previous God-men was extremely similar - obviously being a very successful formula for religion and control, which of course Constantine and his advisor's were fully aware of.

I have conducted very considerable research into the origins of Christianity, and I am of the opinion that it was the Egyptian mythology that formed the basis of the birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection and ultimately therefore the Christian myths, and specifically the of the Egyptian deity "Horus" the "Sun God" who:

Was born on December 25 to a "virgin mother" * The birth was accompanied by a "Star in the East"
The birth was accompanied by "three kings"
Horus Was baptized at 30
Horus Had 12 disciples
Horus went about and performed many miracles Horus was known as "The Lamb" and "The Light"
Horus was crucified
Was buried for 3 days
Until finally Horus was resurrected

* As we will see later, the Sun or "Son" is always "born" on December 25.

Remember - this is Horus we are talking about here. Many of the other pagan deities also fit this description almost to the letter.

Horus was in my view probably the most ancient and pre-cursor to all of the subsequent God-people mythologies and religions.

The Romans were also heavily influenced by their own deity "Mithra" who not only precisely followed the above life experiences of birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection, but was also worshipped on a Sunday.

It was not surprisingly therefore that Constantine and his cronies attributed these same attributes to the central figure in their new religion - Jesus to make him more acceptable out of familiarity
- the name may have changed, but not the central mythology.

But what of the birth of Jesus which seems very specific?

The star that was being followed, and one which shone very brightly in the East in the night sky During late December was Sirius, the "dog star".

Accompanying Sirius in a straight formation, but diagonal to Sirius are three additional very bright stars which have long been known as "The Three Kings". On December 25 of the year Jesus was born, the Sirius and the Three Kings were in alignment, pointing to the place where the Sun or "Son" would rise, or be "born" that day.

So this then is where the bright Star of the East and the "Three Kings" of the myth of the birth of Jesus originated.

Also in this mix of mythology we have the presence of the constellation of Virgo, "The Virgin" mythically representing the "Virgin Mary".

The constellation of Virgo is also known in ancient mythology as "The House of Bread". In ancient Hebrew, "House of Bread"
translates to "Beit Lehem" or "Bethlehem" - the place where the "Son" was born to Virgo Mary.

Why December 25? Well December 21 is the winter solstice, representing the Sun disappearing to its lowest ebb, and therefore mythically representing the "death of the Sun". The Sun or "Son"
mythically remains in this state of "death" for three days until, on December 25, to the ancients something amazing happens - the Sun or "Son" starts to rise again and is "born".

It should be noted that this is also the origin of the resurrection, where the Sun, or "Son" is "dead" for three days, before being resurrected.

So the rising of the Sun on December 25 is the mythical birth of the Sun or the "Son". The Three Kings, track he Sirius "Star" in the East to the birth of "The Sun" or "Son".

The other key tenet of the Christian religion is of course the Bible.

The core of the Bible are the four books "Matthew, Mark, Luke and John which record the life and teachings of Jesus from the beginning of his mission when these and another eight people became his disciples. As also mentioned before, these four books are books of Initiation, including Spiritual Growth and Metaphysics, and, once the true inner meaning is known, are extremely powerful, and among the greatest such books ever written.

The early church, as now, not being Spiritually aware, had absolutely no concept of the true meanings of the Gospels, or of the Bible generally, and if they had most certainly would not have included them in the canon of the Bible, thus turning them into a theology which has remained to this day forming the doctrines of orthodox religion.

Now Constantine could not make just four books the basis of the new powerful religion of control, so he instructed his clergy to gather together many other books written around the time to accompany the gospels in what would form the canon of the new book, the Bible". Later at the Counsel of Nicaea, Constantine convened a meeting of the clergy to vote upon which of these books should be added to the gospels to pad out the Bible out into an extensive and impressive looking book - the "handbook" from God to humanity, and thus the "Holy Bible" and Roman Catholic religion were contrived along with the Roman Church to replace the Roman Empire.

Of course the populous, being hitherto worshippers of the pagan deity Mithras, who also, as with 15 or so deities previously followed the routine of birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection, were very happy to accept an alternative with exactly the same characteristics, because it did not upset their belief systems too much - all part of Constantine's plan.

I should point out that I am not suggesting that the four gospels are the only books of importance in the Bible - far from it. Many of the other books are inspired, and therefore of primary value - Corinthians for example contains much such writing. But on the other hand much of the Bible is interesting as a story, but lacking in any other intrinsic value. Only someone who understands the inner meaning of the Bible could separate the two.
And so the myth of Jesus and birth of the Bible and new religion unfolds. I could write much more about the myth of the birth of Jesus and the remainder of the Jesus Myth, and almost certainly will one day, but I would like to get back to the central point I am making which is this.

Although the entire basis of Christianity is a myth, derived from the pagan mythology of the previous few thousand years and ultimately of Egypt - the source of much mythology - we must not "throw the baby out with the bath water".

Fact: The person who came to be known was "Jesus" real name probably "Yeshua" was almost certainly the highest initiate and teacher to have ever walked on Earth.

Fact: The four books known as the "Gospels" are among the greatest books of Initiation - Spiritual Growth and Metaphysics ever written.

Fact: The life of Jesus up to the three or so years of his teachings accompanied by his disciples, and the basis of the Christian religion is a myth, as is the circumstances surrounding his death and subsequent resurrection for the reasons mentioned.

How do I know for certain that the person known as Jesus/Yeshua really existed in the absence of the original written texts?

Quite simply because, knowing the inner meaning of the Bible, I am absolutely certain that only an Initiate of the highest order could have spoken the words attributed to him and later recorded in the Gospels of the Bible. There is absolutely no way that the church or anyone else back then could have forged the Gospels or indeed any of the Bible, much less encoded it with inner, esoteric meanings, and which anyway would not have been in their interest to do.

Yes - Jesus is the Son of God, but no more or less than we are all Suns and Daughters of God, with the same potentiual powers as Jesus, and yet more, but only when we learn to realise them through the process of Spiritual Growth, Initiations, and Perfection.

So in my newsletters from to to time we will make use of the powerful teachings of the Nazarene Master through the Bible, particularly the gospels, in reinforcing these important Initiatory and Metaphysical Principles, but without any religious overtones whatsoever. We must separate the wheat from the chaff.

One day, soon, people will wake up to the true inner meaning of the Bible, and on that day the orthodox religion that imprisons both the true meaning of the Bible, and the Minds of a billion human beings in a web of deceit, fear and guilt,will turn to dust and consigned to an unfortunate episode in history as with the numerous pagan religions before it, and the countless millions of innocent people who have been tortured, maimed and slaughtered in the name of religion.

We have no need for "religions" or "belief systems". The truth is within us all by virtue of our intimate connection with our Source, The First Cause, The Universal Mind, Divine Providence - God, in Whom we live and move and have our Being, and of which there is only one fundamental Principal, by which we all abide - Mind.

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