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Our Ultimate Reality In Paperback

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New Age spirituality

In recent years the "new age" movement has been growing in leaps and bounds; but what exactly is "new age" and how does it relate to"spirituality"?

Unlike most religions, cultures or traditions, new age has no formal doctrines and very few principles; it is in fact fundamentally a way of life.

The basis of new age is Spiritualityand Spiritualism in all its forms, borrowing from both ancient pagan traditions, Buddhism, Hinduism, witchcraft, taoism, gnosticism, wicca, all the way through to the most modern theories of quantum physics.

Included in thewide range of beliefs and practicesusing for exampleastrology, crystals, divination using for example tarot cards. Another very popular practice, often in conjunction with crystals is the channeling of a wide range of beings in order to obtain "higher" knowledge, such beings including angels and archangels, masters and ascended masters, and group intelligences. Furtherpractices associated with new age spirituality include meditation, visualisation and auric viewing, the practice of viewing the aura.

Other principles observed by new age spirituality include monism which states that everything is part of or comes from a single Energy source. karma and therefore the law of Cause and Effect, reincarnation, and the truth that "God" is everything; i.e. all that exists is God.







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