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Our Ultimate Reality In Paperback

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Names of God

Among the many emails I receive I am often asked this questions similar to Who is God and what is our relationship to God? Are we in the presence of God and what are then the names of God?

The reason for these questions for the most part appears to be due to the fact that many, if not most people have, from an early age, been raised by parents, relatives, schools and other organisations who "preach" about the personfied God of the major dogmatic religions. A typical vision is that of an elederly gentleman with a long flowing white beard, sometimes with a kindly face and sometimes with a stern face according to the sect of the religion, who sits on his large golden thrown surrounded by his large winged Archangels, handing out judgements as to who may go through the pearly gates of "Heaven" after passing on, and who must spend all eternity in the "hellfire" and "damnation" of "hell".

It is no surprise therefore that there is so much confusion, and just as unsurprising that the World is in the state it is in today with the focus of most people being on this totally false perception.

The topic of "Who is God" is of course a very large, indeed infinite one, and in fact no human can possibly fully answer the question anyway. God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent as a "power" "presence" or "force" Who is totally eyond our comprehension in His/Her sheer Magnificence, Power and Presence. It is indeed true that God knows everything that occurs in the entire Universe in all spheres of life and reality from the very "highest" Being to the single celled organism all of which are equal in the "eyes" of God.

The Universal God has numerous names in accordance with individual cultures and the way Universal truths are taught to followers. God has been frequently over the ages, and indeed today most appropriately referred to as; The Universe, The Source, The First Cause, The Ether, The Akasha, The One, The All, Spirit, The Great Spirit, The Prime Creator, and by many other names. Again, this is the Universal aspect of God Who exists, has always existed and always will exist beyond the temporal confines of space and time, the same God of which we are all integral aspects, each having our own existence in the Mind of God as individuated, immortal, Spiritual beings, the very same God who is in every single one of us and we in God.
In my book, Our Ultimate Reality I principally refer to "God " by three different names:

The Source: Everything in the Universe, all Energy, vibration and life flows from The Source. Everything in the Universe is an integral aspect of, and an expression of The Source. Nothing can exist outside of, or separate to The Source. The Source is at once omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. The Source is Everything that Is.

The First Cause: The Source Energy is the First Cause of everything in the Universe. Everything in the Universe was and still is being created by The First Cause. It was The First Cause that brought the entire Universe into Being within The Infinite Mind of The Source.

The Source is The First Cause, the Primary Creator in the Universe, The Macrocosm. We human beings, as expressions of The First Cause, made in the true Spiritual Image of The First Cause, are co-creators within the Universe, we are therefore secondary creators or "causes" within our local Universe, the Microcosm, realities we create with the power of our Minds just as The First Cause creates the ultimate reality, The Universe, within the infinite Mind of The First Cause.

God: God is The Source and The First Cause. God is a name that, although subject over the ages to creed and dogma and often even personified in a human form, is nevertheless a name that almost everyone in the world can relate to as the Supreme Being in the Universe, and is therefore a name that is entirely appropriate in that context, in a Universal, non dogmatic form.

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