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29 March 2009: The Blessings of Organic Food. The Search For Truth

Welcome to your newsletter.

I do hope that you have enjoyed  a wonderful week.

I continue to receive messages from people who are aware or becoming aware of the great changes taking place, and do not know "what to believe" in order to prepare for the great changes ahead, and the best possible outcome.

My response is very simple.

You should never "believe" anything at all. You should either "know" or "not know".

Everyone recognises the Truth for what it is. The Truth is part of and within everyone to the extent you have the potential to realise it according to your own  personal Evolution.

In these newsletters, my books, websites, forums and other resources, I share only that which I personally know to be True beyond doubt.

If this Truth resonates with you then you may accept and be guided accordingly.

If this Truth does not resonate with you then you should always reject it. Accepting anything other than the Truth may only confuse you or even detract you from your path.

All those ready to face the great changes, that are now just around the corner - we have no dates - should be preparing Now - indeed must be preparing now.

If you are reading this newsletter, then, at some level you are aware of the changes taking place at an ever increasing rate, and the pressing need to participate. Recognition is a very important step that most in the world have still yet to take.

So take from these newsletters only that which resonates with you, with an open Mind.

As mentioned many times before, there are millions of who have the potential to realise the Truth and change their lives accordingly in preparation for the Great Transition, but yet are still totally trapped within a 2000 year old or more human system of control, which is tightening its grip by the day.

Before anyone can make any choice towards realising their true nature and destiny, they must become aware of the potential and possibilities. It is here you offer and extend your own Services to others.

I know many are reluctant for fear of what "others might think", but really all you need do is to forward this newsletter to anyone you feel might be interested with a short note such as for example "I received this link today - what do you think about it?".

You do not need to reveal your own views - I know many are still reluctant to do that - but simply giving a person the choice is a great Service. It is very often not immediately apparent who may not simply be receptive, but have been seeking for a very long time and will be most grateful, even relieved and exited to receive this information.

For those of you receiving this newsletter for the first time, and now wish to receive it every week, you may join simply by completing the form on any page of our site:


This week we will be taking a closer look at the whole meaning of Truth.

In this weeks newsletter:

1. Organic food

2. The Search for Truth


The Blessings of Organic Food

This week it has emerged that new laws are being "fast-tracked" through the US Senate and Congress, the effect of which will make the commercial growing of all "organic", i.e. naturally grown, uncontaminated, unmodified, pure food a criminal offence.

If President Obama signs this in to law, growing and selling organic food will be illegal.

I will not dwell too much on this law and the dark forces behind it lest we give them more power. If anyone wishes to read more of the detail, then here is a reference:


Please note that I am not endorsing Ron Paul, although he is one of the very few voices of reason and freedom in US government, rather this page is an excellent overview.

So what is behind this new, hastily contrived, and clearly dangerous new law?

Well it seems that millions of people have been "daring" to exercise their Freewill for themselves and children to eat naturally and healthily, by purchasing fresh, naturally grown, uncontaminated plant based produce, sales of which are now rapidly approaching and soon overtaking the contaminated, toxic and adulterated offerings.

The "chemical companies" are therefore losing money fast on falling sales of the chemicals, poisons and toxins vegetable products have been "treated" with for decades.

This bill seems to be sponsored by the major "chemical companies" who, in all probability, either "own" or "buy" the senators and congress men and women who will be expected to vote for these bills. There is to be no debate before the final vote.

What action can you take?

If you feel inclined, you could contact your local representatives in the houses, but I suspect that so few people know what is going on that it might not make too much difference - if any at all. This is one of those "stealth bills" no one is supposed to notice.

Now many may well ask, justifiably,  where President Obama fits in to all of this.

From a presidential perspective it is his duty to sign in to Law the bills created by the legislators. He can veto a bill, but would require a very good reason for doing so.

However, it transpires that the Obama family is turning over a patch of the White House lawn to the growing of organic vegetables for their own kitchen, involving local school children and raising awareness of the great benefits of organic at foods the same time:


This is in my view a very sincere and genuine act, not politically motivated, and simply serves to highlight the absurd dichotomy of interests prevailing at this time.

So what does this apparent enigma tell us:

Well it suggests to me that the Obama family fully recognises the value, necessity and right to ingest fresh, uncontaminated food for themselves and children, and, knowing that these anti-organic farming bills are on the way, decided to take pre-emptive action.

So what does this mean for those of you living in the USA?

Well quite simply if these bills pass, it means that all farmers will be forced by law, to expose all foods to a wide and increasing concoction of synthetic chemicals. There are many covert reasons for this which I will not go in to here, and in any case are moot.

The bill also ensures that all imported food must be similarly chemically adulterated.

Here is an excellent website containing a variety of information about organic foods:


Please note that the overview in the above is the reason these bills are being passed.

My advice is simple.

Consider growing your own fresh vegetable foods. There are numerous ways you can do this, even if your current garden does not readily facilitate it.

This is another excellent site: http://www.gardenorganic.org.uk/

In addition to growing your own produce, you may also consider organising community farming projects which should be outside of the new laws providing they are not for profit. All that is needed is decent size piece of land that can be used, purchased or rented, enabling families to share the wonderful experience, joy and health of growing food. This would have great social value, as well as a valuable experience for children.

When I was young, living in the UK, my parents rented what its known as an "allotment" from the local council, a good sized patch of ground on a large area divided in to such patches, upon which people grew their own produce. Each allotment had its own shed to store tools, shelter from the rain, and of course to "brew" a cup of iconic English tea.

I was given my own patch of land on the allotment and spent a lot of time there growing my own foods such as Sweet Corn, as well as fruit bushes.

They were very happy and valuable days which I remember very fondly. There is no better food than home grown, natural, fresh produce straight from the soil.

Even without garden or other ground, much can be done to grow highly nutritious foods.

One of the very best food sources are "sprouted beans" of various types. Here is a Wikipedia entry, but again there is plenty of information availablefrom a Google search:


The nutritional value of sprouted beans, pulses and other seeds is absolutely exceptional, in fact it is very likely possible to live healthily entirely on these alone. Due to the speed at which these sprout, a constant supply of such food is easy to maintain.

if you have a dark room or semi-dark room, it is also very simple and enjoyable to grow your own mushrooms and other species of fungi - again very valuable foods indeed.

Another extremely valuable, easy and fat to grow food source is Wheat grass:


This is the food eaten extensively by elephants and other very large animals to attain their large size, weight and very long lives as well as huge Energy reserves. Wheat grass cannot be digested directly by the human digestive system, and so is juiced first.

Juicing is an excellent practice for a wide range of fruits and vegetables, but ensure that you obtain a "worm drive" or "auger" type juicer. The juicers that look like a blender or food processor are not really up to this task if nutrition is the objective, destroying much of the plants nutritional value, and they cannot juice Wheat Grass and other such foods.

Always keep in Mind though that eating is always for nutrition first, taste second.

So my message today is not to allow the dark forces to destroy your health and that of your family. Empower yourself while discovering an extremely rewarding and valuable activity, with profound lessons for children, in growing your own fresh, natural food.


The Search for Truth

Of all human activities, the "search for Truth" is probably the most important, profound, but yet the most enigmatic of all.

Every human Spirit "left" Source Mind and will ultimately return to Source Mind during the Divine and Perfect process of Evolution through Experience, during which the search for the Truth of Who we are, why we are here and where we are going is a central focus.

Billions currently approach Truth through religion, others through science, yet more through esoteric and other groups of which "New Age" is a current favourite.

But may Truth be found and realised within these paradigms?

No is the short but honest answer. Elements of Truth may be present, if they are recognised for what they are, but not the absolute Truth.

Humans in general can only comprehend the Truth at a level corresponding to their current level of Evolution - which it is and must be - and therefore ability to comprehend anything greater than current experience and grasp of the Truth.

Most importantly however know this.

Each and everyone one of us is already complete, fully inclusive, encompassing All That Is.

There is nothing "outside" of us in any way.

Spiritual Evolution therefore is but a measure of ability to connect with, and realise the Truth as well as to Express from and through The All, anything we wish to Experience.

Everything I share with you, without exception, I know, beyond all doubt to be the Truth. But you must still realise that Truth for yourself before you can or should accept it.

Everyone recognises the Truth intuitively, but many refuse to accept their own inner guidance simply because it goes against a lifetime of programming - especially religion.

The only way to realise the Truth is to set aside that programming, and open your Mind and Spirit, without preconceived ideas, beliefs, prejudices etc, to connect deeply within.

I broke my programming at the age of 8 years, rejected religion and all other human constructs, doctrines and control systems, and thus aligned myself with my Inner Being and Source, which is where I have been aligned ever since and now share with you.

This week I am going to conclude your newsletter not with my own words, but, for a change, with those of the 12 years of age girl I introduced you to last week - Akiane.

Akiane was never programmed. Her parents recognised who she is and why she is here from an early age, at least from her first drawing aged 3 year.

I would like you to know that every Child of the Universe has this potential - it is you, the parent, who decides whether the latent potential of your children is realised or not. This is particularly true between birth and 7 years.

This is what Akiane says about the Search for Truth accompanying her painting:



Search for Truth 

Search for Truth” is a painting about humanity’s search for the origin, destiny, and meaning of life.

It is a story of how we look for the truth and how we treat others as they also try to discover it.

With so many scientific achievements we know so little of where we came from and where we are going. But we know even less of the most important discovery of all – Love. Only Love can accept our differences as we journey through life. And only Love can allow space for our growth.

The astronaut here represents many of us searching for truth in a controlling way. Although we are still searching, we are convinced that we have already discovered the truth and that everyone should believe it only our way. And believe it at any cost.

Just like this man, we stand on a strange little planet trying to posses it.

Like a giant we trample on the flowers reaching for light that represent meek and gentle souls ruled by the ignorant, the cunning, the powerful, the prideful, or the aggressive.

Sadly, most of the tiny planet is already trampled.

Through his stiff and cumbersome space suit the astronaut is not able to touch and smell the blossoms and is able to view them only through his shatter-proof mask.

He presumes the air here is toxic and void of life. So he fears to remove his suit and get contaminated. Yet despite his great knowledge he has not figured out that if flowers bloom, then he too would be able to breathe safely.

Even though he dwarfs the planet of flowers, he himself gets dwarfed by a grand space of galaxies and mysteries, which I portrayed through many reality designs including two sets of DNA where divine and human lives interact continuously.

I believe everyone should have an opportunity to search for truth their own way. Humility, peace, child-like enthusiasm, acceptance, and sincerity is the true infinity engine!

And this is the poem that Akiane, aged 12, so beautifully wrote:

Reflections for “Search for Truth”

Not to allow anyone to the light 
or to force someone to the light
is dictatorship!

So much time is spent on belief. 
So little time is spent on love!

During a race 
where everyone holds their own truth,
the finish line is a surprise.

The pride never leads,
never submits, 
and never leaves.

is a quarantined difference.

We cannot teach a flower
how to grow. 
We can only learn from it.

Before pride waves a white flag,
it waves all other colors.

True passions
do not deprive love.

A message from a flower: 
“Do not pick me.
I want to live.”

No insensitive pursuit
has a true purpose.

Logic of impression 
has no confidence
in confronting the opposites.

Pride creates its own time
to waste.

Consuming the dream,
but not sharing it,
the truth still withers.

Impatience is patient with arrogance
that hides presents in the wounds it inflicts.

According to your script, 
everyone plays your life
until you cover the whole stage.

Dominations take over

How can we chase freedom,
if we are never allowed to run?

Prejudice is prideful.

Restless like a horizon
we weaken each other with strife.

Digging ditches 
evaporates all absolutes.

Those that expose themselves
as knowing the truth,
lose the battle of innocence and humility
and eventually pull a trigger at the universe.

Wisdom chooses the unknown
to be its reason.

If you keep your love in a frame,
it will take you an eternity
to cool off from yourself.

Without truth we are without vows. 
Without the vows we are without protection.

Purpose of life 
is patience of loving existence

A thriving heart breaks
while being fixed.

Pride releases shallow apology – 
not repentance.

Iron hearts get eventually pulled back
to the magnet soul.

We have countless laws that try forcing love
to change unbreakable promises.

Even though no one moves forward, 
truth is perverted to bypass time.

Attending spotlight in a mask 
one crinkles audience like paper.

It is never possible
for real self-centeredness to sacrifice. 
The selfishness has high self-esteem, 
but no self-control, 
and it knows its worth 
only through controlling others.

Most problems surface
because of tyranny.

Each time I balance myself,
there is someone ready to change me.
But to be allowed
to change on our own is to breathe.

Those things
that do not understand beauty
disconnect us from the truth.

Before you dim a lantern
spend the life as a moth.

These are the words of a 12 years of age girl, but an advanced, Eternal, Divine Spirit.

These same words reside within your own children as they reside within you also, waiting to be discovered and realised.

But first you must completely dispose of your existing programming, see your life, reality and Universe through fresh eyes, not dimmed by human instruments of darkness that exist only to keep you imprisoned in the dark where you may be most easily controlled.

Always remember - we can always take a light, a candle for example, in to a dark room, and no matter how dark the room the light will always illuminate it. It is impossible however to take darkness in to a room of Light and make it darker.

I wish you a wonderful, healthy and joyful week.


In Love and Light,









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