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09 October 2011: The Revolution Of Consciousness Quickens

Dear Reader, I do hope that you have enjoyed a Joyful, Healthy and Abundant week.

And what a week this has proved to be.

Before moving on to more "global" events this week of our Newsletter, I would like to pay tribute to a true icon of technology, and Truly Great Human Being - Steve Jobs, of Apple - who, made the Transition to his next step on the Divine Path.

The most Wonderful News I could possibly bring to you this week is that Humanity is very close Now to achieving the Critical Mass of Consciousness which will define how this current Age of Humanity will define the next Age of Humanity as we approach a Singularity in the Never Ending Story of the Human aspect of Source.

As those of you who have been reading this Newsletter over the months and years will know, I have always said, most weeks in fact, that the Great Transition is Approaching and Exponentially Accelerating - And So It Is.

More and more people around the World are Awakening from their slumber, and mind controlled illusion, and delusion, and beginning to see the World as it Is.

The era of gross materialism and obsession for this idea called "money" is coming rapidly to a close, and will not return during this cycle of Human Consciousness.

With this transition, the huge sandcastle, delusion and instrument of control, called the "world monetary system", will soon crumble and be no more, at least in its current form, and perhaps in no form at all - which is how it should be.

This week we will discuss the current events that are defining this Transition.

Please do send this Newsletter to as many people that you know and care about as possible. Remember, just one Awakened Human Being can make all the difference. If you are reading this Newsletter, published weekly since 2005, for the first time, you can receive it every week, at absolutely no cost, at our website:



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The Revolution of Consciousness Quickens

This past week has been a truly momentous in the Evolution of Human of Consciousness, as we approach the threshold the Mayans, and many other Great Civilisations always knew would happen, and which they charted in their cultures.

As I have frequently written in my Newsletters over the years that this Great Transition would take place with immutable certainty, I am sure that, for many of you, especially before this year, it was very uncertain exactly how, indeed if, this Great Transition would ever actually take place, with, for the most part, the World appearing to be relatively "normal" and consistent with previous years.

However, I have also written about Humanity reaching a Critical Mass of Consciousness before The Great Transition becomes an inescapable Reality.

Every time you send this Newsletter to another person, or share how you feel, and what you know to be True, and guide them to other resources dedicated to the Great Awakening, the Consciousness of All Humanity increases.

This raising of Consciousness is not immediately obvious, and may discourage many, especially as events in the "outer world" seem increasingly dark. However the word here is Faith. I do not mean the "blind faith" of religions, or mere hope, but absolute Inner Faith as Infinite Expressions of Source as an absolute certainty. All Change and All Levels begins with such True Faith to continue Joyfully, even in the apparent absence of any "physical evidence" that may be seen or touched.

Such a Transition of Consciousness may begin with barely a dimple on the Great Pond of Life, but which soon becomes a ripple, gaining momentum until very soon there is a Tsunami in the sea of Human Consciousness which no one can escape, sweeping along everyone before it.

As I write this, the Tsunami of Awakening is gathering Energy.

We are very closely approaching Critical Mass before the Tsunami of Conscious Awakening strikes, and all Humanity will be carried along within its currents.

Now as discussed in recent Newsletters, at the end of this current cycle of Human Consciousness, in which we are so Deeply Blessed to participate, Humanity has defined its reality through money and the perceived material possessions and experiences that money can buy.

It should be clear therefore that, in broad terms, that money will be the instrument which Humanity must reconcile, subjugate and transcend in order to "Ascend".

This process, Dear Reader, is very much underway Now.

The recent history of money and global financial system is a long and sordid one, most recently going back to the year 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created by the "global elite" as the instrument to enslave Humanity through control of money.

There is nothing to be gained by discussing this history further because this 98 year period is rapidly coming to a close, and we must always focus on the Now.

As many of you will know, this week has seen momentous, and what will prove to be historical, events unfolding on Wall Street in New York, the financial centres of many other US States, and in countries around the World, particularly in Greece.

The "occupy Wall Street" movement is expanding at a phenomenal rate, despite police brutality and mainstream media bias, with more than 30,000 people now "occupying" Wall Street, thousands more occupying San Francisco, Boston, Portland, increasing ever day at other financial centres around the USA and World.

Aside from Wall Street, the other two epicentres of monetary fraud and control are Federal Reserve in Washington DC, and Chicago, the home of the financial derivatives industry, and a major contributor to the coming financial meltdown.

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is growing exponentially, and is expected to occupy 1000 cities in the USA, and hundreds more on 6 continents very soon.

I predict that before long, there will be millions of people occupying cities, financial and other centres of corruption and control right across the USA and the World.

This will inevitably, despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to suppress news of these events, will enter and influence the Awareness and Consciousness of almost every other Human Being on Earth who will relate to this Great Awakening.

And So It Begins.

Such events and scenes would be unheard of even one year ago.

Even in 2008, when most of the global banks around the world became technically bankrupt through totally uncontrolled gambling with fake instruments called toxic "mortgage backed securities" created from a frenzy of "sub-prime" mortgage debt, and "Collateralised Debt Obligations" created out of a frenzy of totally unregulated marketing of credit cards, loans and other debt, there was little real awareness.

Even as the US administration held Congress and Senate to ransom by threatening martial law if they did not vote through a $700 billion bailout package, which became $6.5 trillion, called "TARP", there was still little awareness as the public continued to trust that their governments were acting in their best interests, in what was presented as "unforeseen circumstances".

All this has changed - dramatically.

The banks literally stole most of the bailout money for themselves, and just carried on gambling while paying themselves hundreds of billions in "bonuses".

Because the Federal Reserve and other central banks had to create hundreds of Trillions of Dollars to bail-out the banks, the increase resultant in "money supply" has caused massively increased real inflation and therefore basic cost of living, further squeezing already highly squeezed families.

In the USA alone today, 40% of Americans live below the poverty line. 50 million Americans now rely on food stamps. 1 in 4 veterans are homeless and 14 veterans each day are taking their own lives. And this is just scratching the surface.

It is not until people generally are faced with seemingly insurmountable difficulties that the illusion and delusion begins to dissolve, and "reality sets in".

This process is now unstoppable and will not be stopped.

I would now like to share with you some short videos on Youtube, from Occupy Wall Street, which I would urge you to watch, because they provide valuable insight:

Dear Reader - Please Do Watch All of the following short videos which together chronicle the Fertile Seeds of This New Glorious Cycle of Human Consciousness.

The first video features Spiritual author and personality Deepak Chopra, being interviewed by Luke Rudkowski of the organisation "We are Change" shortly before Deepak Chopra leads Occupy Wall Street in a meditation for Being The Change.


 This next video is a totally impromptu speech that was captured on a mobile phone video camera of a young man speaking how he feels, from the Heart.


Now please watch this video of members of our so called "older generation" - I am not so "young" myself" - voicing  desperation for the future of their children and their feelings about "the banking elite": This video shows a 67 years of age man in tears as he fears deeply for the future of Humanity and for the future for his grandchildren and great grandchildren, and an 89 years of age man, telling it how it is:


 In stark contrast, watch now this video of the bankers on Wall Street, willing servants for the forces of darkness, the "1%", perched in their ivory towers, decadently sipping champagne, taunting the Occupy Wall Street people as they peacefully walk by:


 An equally dark side to this peaceful movement and Revolution in Consciousness is extreme and ongoing indiscriminate police brutality against the People.

A couple of days ago, a globalist "front bank", JP Morgan, made an unprecedented  $4.6 million dollar "surprise donation" to the New York Police Department.

We have since seen the police rounding women and others up in nets and then mace and pepper spraying them in the face with the women screaming in anguish.

We have witnessed the NYPD very deliberately "herding" people on to the Brooklyn Bridge, before sealing off both ends of the bridge and arresting 700 people.

Yesterday, this phone video footage was taken of this darker turn in police brutality:


Throughout this dark event, the crowd remain calm, totally undaunted, and chanting:

"We Are The 99%, We Are The 99%, We Are The 99%......."

 And then:

 "The Whole World Is Watching, The Whole World Is Watching, The Whole World Is Watching......."    

The "99%" represents the enslaved and controlled humanity by the 1% of the "global elites" - the Zionist controlled international banking cabal. I know who these families are, and where they came from, but their identities are not relevant at this stage.

I can say however that the objective of this global Zionist movement is not to secure only Israel as a wholly controlled Zionist homeland - their Zion is the planet Earth.

This series of videos would not be complete without a one of Great Joy and Hope.

Here is a video, which brings Great Joy to my Heart, featuring a very young infant at Occupy Wall Street, dancing Joyfully and innocently, in Freedom, to the musicians song. The child makes arrives and starts dancing at about 1 minute in to the video:


I really could watch this video all day. This Child Is Every Single Human Being At Birth. The Perfect Expression and Uncorrupted Pure Nature, The Very Future Humanity Will Reclaim, a Future of Innocent Carefree Joy and Freedom.

As The Great Awakening and Revolution of Consciousness permeates every Human Being around the World, the "global elite" will do everything within their power to save their empire of human slaves and ultimate plans for the World, which, Dear Reader, trust me, you really do not want or need to know about.

The dark forces of the "global elites" totally control the governments, banking and other monetary systems, the stock and commodities markets, the judiciary, the police, the military and "special agencies" such as the CIA and FEMA, the latter of which has ultimate power, by presidential executive order, to do absolute anything.

They Will Not succeed. Theirs is of separation consciousness and Ego.

This Great And Age Old "battle" between The Forces of Light And The Forces Of Darkness, enacted at the cusp of the Great Transition between a current Age of Consciousness and beginning of the next Great Age of Consciousness.

Only Light Can And Will Prevail. Dark Simply Does Not Know This Yet.

Mere physical instruments are puny and inconsequential compared to the Divine Power Which Flows Through All. The self-styled "global elites" have already lost, but they do not know it yet. Yes - they may fight at a material level before this is all over, in their desperate struggle to prevail, but this is all part of ongoing Human Evolution.

We are All Immortal and Eternal Divine Beings fulfilling our roles, here on planet Earth. Every single one of us is Truly Blessed to be part of these Great Events.

Now Dear Reader, we must never allow ourselves to become caught in Duality.

I have referred to the so called "global elites", their actions and their agenda.

These "global elites" are still Expressions of The Divine, Which Is Perfect, like every other single Human Being, The global elites therefore are Inherently Perfect.

Ultimately, Beyond the Illusion, Delusion and Duality, We Are One.

"They" Are "Us" And "We" Are "They".

All Are Also and All Infinitely and Divinely Loved Expressions of Source.

All Are Inherently Perfect and Divine. There is No-Thing Else.

And so we must never look upon the apparent  duality represented by the "global elites" with any anger, hate, fear or any other such destructive emotion whatsoever.

Every Human Being On Earth Has An Equal Role In This Great Evolution Of Consciousness. No Side Is "Right" or "Wrong", "Good" or "Evil". It Just Is.

Without These Apparent Polarities, There Could Be No Opportunities For Humanity To Awaken, To Accept The Challenge and Ultimately To Evolve.

In This Cycle Of Human Consciousness, The "global elite" Need Everyone Else Just As Everyone Else Needs the "global elite". We Are All In This Together.

Therefore Dear Reader, as well as the more obvious challenges that lie just ahead, there are also more subtle challenges as part of The Great Transition.

The Greatest And Most Crucial And Glorious Challenge Of All Is To Unconditionally Love Every Human Being, Including The "Global Elite".

If we wish to "change" our Experience, we can never forcibly "make change happen" through external means, whether force, instruments or money.

To Experience Change We Must First Realise, Become, Be, And Live The Very Change We Wish To Experience.


This is a great strength of Occupy Wall Street, who have no dualistic "demands" or "objectives". They Are The Change. Anyone can attend Occupy Wall Street without money or possessions, and will be served, unconditionally by all there, in a Spirit of Love, Oneness and Service to Others Before Self.

I suggest you stop watching so called "mainstream news" such as Fox, CNN, MSNBC, BBC  etc, who are all totally owned, enslaved and controlled by the very same "global elite" who control money, debt and governments to enslave humanity.

Only RT America and RT International,  available over cable and satellite in most parts of the World, are reporting the unbiased facts. If you cannot receive RT in your area, then may view RT Live streaming media at the links below:

RT International: http://rt.com/on-air/

RT America: http://rt.com/on-air/rt-america-air/

 If you wish to receive this Newsletter every Sunday, please do join us here:



 There is no charge or obligation whatsoever. I have dedicated every Sunday since 2005 to publishing this Newsletter, read by hundreds of thousands of people around the World, as my contribution towards achieving that Critical Mass of Awakening as we approach the Pivotal Singularity. Our Collective Moment Is Now.

I Love You All.

And So It Is.

Brought to You In Divine Love, Light and Service,


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