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Galactic Alignment 2012

As many of you will know I write from time to time about the subject collectively known as "2012", in order to dispel many of the myths and false claims associated with it, and to shed Light on what is really a very serious subject indeed if fully understood and approached in the right way, and one which will increasingly affect us all over the next few years as we will see.

This page will be updated as more knowledge is made available to me, and my own understanding of these crucial and pivotal events, iconically represented by the date December 21 2012 increases. So please do bookmark this page and check back from time to time. This entire 2012 scenario is very much an unfolding event, and exponentially so.

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As already mentioned, we are already beginning to see and experience the effects of the "2012 phenomena" in many ways, some very subtle, based in consciousness, others much more obvious and dramatic such as climatic extremes and disasters caused by weather extremes, in particular hurricanes, typhoons and foldings.

At the same time it is increasingly important for humanity generally as well as all life on Earth and Earth, Gaia herself, that as many people as possible discover and fully understand the truth about the event collectively known as "2012" and what it means in practical terms.

It has been, and still is my ongoing mission in fact  to discover and reveal the absolute truth regarding 2012, and what it means to each of us and life on Earth generally. Knowledge is power, but only if it is the right knowledge based in fact, and for this reason I have been very careful about what I have said on this subject, restricting myself to only writing about those factors that I know and believe to be true based upon my own research inspired from and by within.

Many of you will know from my website that I have rated the possible sources of causality during these transitional times in terms of percentages, and that I have ranked the Galactic Alignment as by far the biggest causal factor.

I now believe the other possible causal factors, including the Sun and "near Earth objects" are actually secondary factors of causation to the primary source of causation - the Galactic Alignment.

We have to keep in Mind that the classic Maya were an extremely advanced race, and not ones given to fantasy or the promulgation of "prophecies", better known as "fortune telling".  Central to the classic Mayan culture was an observation of the cosmos, which in turn gave rise to their central philosophies and calendrical systems, of which "2012" is just one small part, forming the basis of just one of their calendars - the Long Count, which takes into account the event that has since come to be known as the "Galactic Alignment".  Although this event is central to the issues under discussion, hitherto no one has really explained it in practical and verifiable terms, a situation this article seeks to rectify with the expectation that al of the hype and misinformation out there will fade into the background.

Many people have asked why the "Galactic Alignment" is such an important event in the context of life on Earth, and therefore today we will examine this complex but extremely important issue in greater depth.

The first question we must ask ourselves is "what exactly is the Galactic Alignment" or at least how may we best define it?

In the broadest terms, the Galactic Alignment has been defined as the alignment of the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator due to the precession of the equinoxes.

Precession is caused by the earth wobbling very slowly on its axis shifting the position of the equinoxes and solstices one degree every 71.5 years. Because the sun is one-half of a degree wide, it will take the December solstice sun 36 years to precess through the Galactic equator. As we will see however, this event in and of itself is symbolic of, and a metaphor of a much greater but related event.

It is this event, which is cyclical, that is to say occurs with immutable frequency, that the Maya were measuring in the context of their "Long Count" calendar that famously "ends" on the now iconic date if 21 December 2012.

However, I am now of the firm belief that this is a convenient but highly appropriate and accurate symbolic marker for a much greater and more important event that is taking place over a number of years before, during and after 21 December 2012.

The Maya used the Sun to reference the central point of our solar system, and one that can be used in conjunction with Earth and the plane of the Galactic Centre to describe the "Galactic Alignment", which, according to the Maya, will take place on 21 December 2012, and used as the focal point for both their Long Count Calendar representing the transition from one great "age" to the next".

In fact the Sun, in and of itself is somewhat superfluous to this metaphor as we will see later. That said, it is clear that the Sun will actually participate in this process as will all planets in our solar system, and will likely participate, as it is indeed doing right now, on any resultant causation experienced by Earth and all life on Earth.

Another important feature of Mayan philosophy is that time, rather than being linear in nature as currently believed by science, is rather spherical, and therefore time, like the Universe itself has a beginning and an end. At the end of a cycle of time however, there is a renewal or evolutionary event. Again this forms the basis of the Mayan Long Count Calendar which has proven to be extremely accurate. This cycle of time ends, according to the Mayan Long Count Calendar on 21 December 2012.

I have said this before and I will say it again - the Maya were one of the most brilliant and truly advanced races ever to have walked the planet, if not the greatest. Their abilities in Astronomy, Cosmology, Physics, Astrophysics and Math were far in advances of anything seem today, notwithstanding all of the technology being deployed. The Maya have been right all along, and for good reason.

In view of all of the myth, speculation and sensationalism surrounding 2012, and the ongoing and escalating observable events that are increasingly taking place, I believe the time has come to take a very close look at what is actually going on that we may understand and prepare better for what may be to come, while dispelling all of the myths, mis-information and sensationalism that currently and dangerously abound.

2012 is not a "prophecy" and never was a "prophecy" it is rather a prediction deeply based in fact, one that can be measured and indeed was measured by the Mayans, verified and equated to past significant events in Earth's history.

Please note that I say "may be to come". The truth is no one, including myself knows for sure what will happen over the next few years, if anything at all, but we can look at the facts and the precedents at least in order to become properly informed and thereby prepared, and also dispel all that which is not true but could become true as self fulfilling events under the influence of Mind and Consciousness.

I am not almost certain that there will be no single event ocurring on 21 December 2012, which, as mentioned above, is simply a convenient symbolic representation of a much greater event that is already taking place. So, assuming we are still here, I suggest that you do not cancel your appointments for 22 December 2012, because if all goes as it should do you will be attending those appointments.

With those caveats duly stated, let us then look now at the facts relating to the "Galactic Alignment", what it really is and means, and how it can affect us at every level, Mind, Soul and body, as well as all life on Earth and planetary Spirit Gaia, to Whom we are inexorably connected, Herself.

At the very centre of our Galaxy there is what astrophysicists call a "super-massive black hole". The Energy and density of this super-massive black hole is so great that not even light itself can escape, photons of light being sucked into the black hole along with everything else that approaches it including stars and planets.

This is why it is called a "black hole", because light itself no longer exists in that region having been subsumed by the massive Energy vortex of the super-massive black hole.

Now this super-massive black hole is absolutely fundamental to the entire issue of 2012 and what we are and will increasingly continue to experience, and here are reasons why.

The gravitational Energy  and therefore spin rate of the super-massive black hole is so immense that it actually flattens out to form a "super-massive black hole plane", like a massive, intensely dense disk, characterised by an immense outwardly radiating Energy vortex. It is this planar characteristic of the black hole due to the gravitational Energy being radiated out from the super-massive black hole that gives rise to the very "flat" appearance of galaxies generally, all of which I believe have a super-massive black hole at their centre. I am personally of the view that a black hole and associated dark matter may be the precursor of a galaxy. There are probably countless other younger black holes with associated dark matter in the Universe that have not yet began to  form its own constellation of stars and later planets and moons, each with the so called "dark matter" forming the fabric of the galaxy, which, together with the gravitational Energy of the super-massive black hole and associated cosmic material,  forms and then binds the galaxy together.

In absolute terms a galaxy, including our own galaxy, the Milky Way, is extremely, amazingly in fact thin. When viewed edge on it could be likened comparatively to viewing the blade of an extremely thin and sharp blade. In practice of course this plane of the galaxy is still a huge distance across, but still comparatively speaking, taking into account the vast scales involved, the Galactic Plane is extremely thin.

So we have our galaxy, at the centre of which is a super-massive black hole manifesting an inconceivably massive gravitational Energy vortex that, together with dark matter, holds together as well as influences the fabric of our galaxy, of which we, on Earth are on the outer edge of a spiral arm.

As this black hole gravitational super-Energy extends to the very edges of the galaxy - it must do to hold the form of the galaxy together including our solar system on the outer edge, just as the gravitational pull of the Sun extends far enough to hold the planets of our solar system in orbit or planets in turn hold their moons in orbit - it is all relative to scale, range and the gravitational Energy potential being manifested.

So this Energetic influence of the super-massive black hole over the galaxy, our Sun, the Solar system and of course Earth always exists - there was never a time when it did not exist. The only factor that varies is the degree of Energy being exerted over the solar system and therefore Earth at any one time - and therein is the crux of the matter, and the very key that unlocks the mystery of 2012 as we will see later in this article.

The Maya may or may not have known of the super-massive black hole, or of the physics relating to it, but they would have definitely known about Galactic Centre and the dark rift, or "nuclear bulge" at the centre of the Galaxy which they symbolised through a mythical entity known as "Xilbalba", also mythically representing the "underworld" and the process of death and re-birth which of course is directly relevant to everything related to 2012 and the transition process.  The Maya also certainly knew about the Energy and other forces originating from Galactic Center, which featured prominently in their creation myths and deities, including their chief deity, Hunab Ku, believing these forces at Galactic Centre to be the origin of time and therefore the controller of time.

The Maya are a shamanic culture who made extensive use of Mind-expanding substances known as “entheogens” in order to attain altered states of Consciousness, enabling access to the inner realms of life. Although many entheogens are hallucinatory in nature, there are classes of entheogens that can apparently bring about genuine inner experiences, and which were known to and used by the Maya and many other ancient civilisations. One such class of entheogens belongs to a group of chemical compounds known as the “Dimethyltryptamines”, of which there are various derivatives and chemical variations including N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT), 5-Methoxy-N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (5-MeO-DMT) and 5-Hydroxy-N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (5-OH-DMT) known as “bufotenine” due, being extracted from the skin of toads of genus “Bufo”.  Through these shamanic practices, the Maya Shamans would have unquestionably been able to gain access to the central Sources of the collective knowledge and events of the Universe, in all spheres of life and reality, existing as Energy mysticaly known as "The Akashic Record".  There is no information relative to the "past", present" or probable "future" of the earth, as existing as quantum potential, that the Maya would not have has access to.

In addition, through a projection of consciousness known in occult terms as "Mental Projection", the Maya Smana would have been able to instantly project him/herself to the physical centre of the Galaxy in order to observe the events there. As Mental projection takes place beyond the Energy of the physical Universe, and is not therefore subject to physical factors such as the massive gravitational potential of the super-massive black hole, the Maya Shaman could easily observe the events manifesting there.  Although I am speculating with this next suggestion, I believe it possible that the Maya Shaman would use the nuclear bulge, or Xilbalba as the necessary point of reference to project to these distant events with precision.

The Maya also knew about the Precession of the Equinoxes and therefore the relative position of Earth relative to other cosmological and astrological entities, including Galactic Centre, and which gives rise to what the Maya, and numerous other cultures know as "ages".

In the west we know these "ages" in terms of the signs of the zodiac. We are currently in the age of Pisces, the fish, and are entering the Age of Aquarius, the water bearer. In astro-theological terms this is why Jesus is always associated with "fish", and indeed why the mitre of the Pope is a metaphor for the head of a fish.

We should also note that in the Bible, Jesus, represented by fish,

"Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the age".
--Matthew 28:20.

The "age" being referred to is the age of Pisces the fish.

Jesus also said:

"And he said unto them, Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he entereth in". -- Luke 22:10

This is a metaphor for the sign of Aquarius the water bearer. Jesus is saying that when we enter the "city" a metaphor for the next age, we will be "meeting" the new age of Aquarius", represented by the water bearer.

So back to Galactic Centre and the end of the age.

Over the course of 25,800 years or so the trajectory of Earth takes us above and then below the plane of Galactic Centre and therefore the gravitational Energy influence of the super-massive black hole at its centre, in a long but precise oscillation that can be observed and measured as the Maya indeed did. This was also described by Plato and is therefore known as the "Platonic year".

The Earth goes through one complete precessional cycle over a period of approximately 25,800 years, Plato's "Great Year" during which the positions of stars as measured relative to the equator slowly changes. During the course of this cycle the north axial pole of Earth transitions from where it is now, around 1° of Polaris, in a circle around the ecliptic pole, with an angular radius of around 23.5 degrees. This shift moves 1 degree in around 180 years, where the angle is taken from the perspective of the observer, not from the center of the position of the observer.

As we will see later, this angular radius of 23.5 degrees is very significant to some of the possible causal events.

During a complete cycle of oscillation the trajectory of Earth, relative to Galactic Centre, oscillates up through and back down through the plane of the super-massive black hole at Galactic Centre as observed, measured and recorded by the Maya, forming the basis of their Long Count Calendar, subjecting all in its path, including Earth to the massive Energy forces radiating from the super-massive black hole at Galactic Centre.

Now, there is absolutely no doubt in my Mind that all previous major events throughout history have coincided with the transition of Earth through the super-massive black hole Energy plane of Galactic Centre and therefore the immense Energy influence of the super-massive black hole radiating from there. The further Earth is way from the plane of Galactic Centre the less will be the effect of the Energetic forces radiating from there, and conversely the nearer Earth gets to the plane of Galactic centre the greater will be the Energetic influences exerted. Of course this event, the transition of Earth through the plane of Galactic Centre has never before happened in recorded history, with the possible exception of the Great Flood as mentioned in Genesis, and in 27 other independent cultures throughout the world that I have so far identified. We can therefore reasonably assume that this event actually happened.

So this then is what we are experiencing now as, over the next few years, Earth once again transitions through the plane of the super-Energy radiating from the super-massive black hole at Galactic Centre the Energy of which both maintains our position in the Galaxy, but while varying in direct proportion to natural, but precise and immutable cycles of oscillation and associated influence.

The next question is "how can these events tangibly affect us"?

This event has the potential to affect us in many ways, both physically and Spiritually.

At a physical level as this event unfolds, and the super-massive Energy of the black hole at Galactic Centre exerts its influence, we can expect a wide variety of direct and indirect consequences.

Indirect consequences could be the effect on the Sun which will increase its activity in response to the Energy radiating from the super-massive black hole. We are already increasingly seeing this manifest in the form of increasing solar activity, and in particular sun spots, solar flares and most dangerous of all coronal mass ejections. If Earth were to receive a broadside from a coronal mass ejection, the outcome would be absolutely devastating.

Locally, as Earth transitions into alignment with Galactic Centre and the super-massive black hole Energy radiating from there, the axis of rotation of Earth could well be "pulled" into alignment with the plane of the Energy, resulting in a geophysical pole shift of the 23.5 degrees mentioned previously. Again, the outcome of such an event could well be catastrophic giving rise to, including but not limited to massive land movements, volcanic activity, massive tsunamis hundreds or even thousands of feet high and much more. I believe that this geophysical pole shift has already started, and accounts for many of the abnormal weather conditions increasingly being experienced. Whether this will be an accelerating process or whether any final shift will be sudden, as seems to be the case in the past, we cannot be certain.

It is for example entirely possible that the initial shift will be almost imperceptible, but as the alignment progresses the gravitational potential exerted becomes sufficient to very suddenly cause Earth to succumb, and shift 23 or more degrees on its axis in a moment - the truth is we simply do not know. We can say that previous such events, must have happened so quickly that the civilisations of the time did not see it coming and were largely unprepared.

We know this has happened in the past by virtue of the remains of ancient, clearly advanced civilisations that are being discovered 2000 feet of more under the sea. And of course most will know that this fate also befell Atlantis and Lemuria as well as other major antediluvian cultures as well as the diluvian Great Flood.

The Atlantean hierarchy, the Magicians and others almost certainly knew something was coming, some escaping, but the majority, the general populous, who, like now are always the last to know, likely did not.

Additional compelling evidence may be found in Siberia, where recently large numbers of frozen Mammoth carcasses, complete with tusks that are being taken for ivory are being exposed as the current warming cycle progresses resulting in a thawing of the permafrost allowing these remains to be exposed and retrieved.

The most significant discovery however is the fact that the flesh on many of these carcasses is as fresh as the day the animal would have died, with little or no evidence of decomposition.  So fresh in fact is the flesh on many of these animals that dogs are able to eat it without ill effects. Observers report that the flesh looks very similar to beef.

In addition, so fresh were man of these Mammoth remains that they still held fresh, undigested food in their mouths and stomachs as if they were grazing perfectly normally before their extremely sudden and unexpected demise.

The only possible explanation, and one which would account for the actual extinction of the Siberian Mammoth is that they were literally deep-frozen in situ where they stood, and subsequently became buried deep within the ice. The most likely explanation for this, especially in the context of the other factors discussed earlier, is that the Earth very suddenly shifted about its polar axis, effectively shifting the area where the Mammoth were grazing much further north - and event that probably took place within hours, accounting for the perfect preservation of the Mammoth remains.

It is highly likely that this "pulling" of the Earth plus and minus 23.5 degrees on its axis, as it oscillates above and below the Galactic Plane of the super-massive black hole has happened countless times in the past, and will continue to happen in the future with immutable frequency. It is clear from all the evidence that these events happen extremely suddenly and without warning, in the past resulting in catastrophic loss of life and entire civilisations, the evidence and remains of which are only recently being discovered.

These pole shifts might also account for the "ice ages"  North America and much of Europe periodically shift 23.5 degrees towards and away from the polar regions, thus being subjected to polar climates until the pole shift reverses allowing the ice to thaw once again. 

An additional possibility is the Galactic Alignment acting as the catalyst for a geomagnetic pole shift. In this case instead of, or in addition to the polar axis of the Earth being pulled 23.5 degrees, the magnetic north and south poles might invert, so magnetic north would become magnetic south and vice versa. Again there is abundant evidence in the geological record supporting the fact that this magnetic reversal has happened many times before diring the history of the planet.  If this were to happen then it is most likely that Earth would stop rotating for perhaps two or three days, before reversing and rotating the other way. Again this has been recorded in history by ancient records that describe the three days of darkness, after which the Sun rose from the opposite side od of the sky, for example in the east instead of the west as it might have been then.

Such a reversal might profoundly affect the tectonic plates upon which the land masses "float", giving rise to massive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and other serious disasters.

Now that said I believe this to unlikely for one very good reason - in the past this event has not been predictable, and therefore ocurred at very specific timescales, in fact several hundreds of thousands of years seems to be the "margin for error" of this type of event.

As the events we are facing are totally predictable, and unambiguously associated with cyclical events, in this case the Galactic Alignment, I would personally rule out a geomagnetic pole shift as a probability, except possibly as a secondary manifestation of the primary event.

In conclusion therefore, all factors considered, a geophysical poleshift is a much more plausible event associated with the Galactic Alignment, with possible secondary factors including abnormally high solar activity in the form of coronal mass ejections, solar flares and other solar activity due to the influence on the Sun of the super-Energy originating from the super-massive black hole at Galactic Centre.

Another possibility is a type of pole shift that is geomagnetic in nature where the north and south poles invert, so magnetic north becomes magnetic south and magnetic south becomes magnetic north.  We already know that this event has happened many times throughout history, and is recorded in the geological record.

We also know that the magnetic field of the Earth is rapidly weakening, as indeed it is on the Sun, possible accounting for the increase in sun spot activity as well as solar flares and coronal mass ejections.  It is almost inevitable that the geomagnetic pole reversal of Sun and Earth will occur in the not too distant future.  The difficulty is however in calculating precisely when.  It would seem that previous geomagnetic pole shifts have ocurred at plus or minus tens or even hundreds of thousands of years apart, and therefore do not appear to be the result of any measurable or observable factors that can be calculated or extrapolated from known existing data.  All we can say is that we are heading for such a geomagnetic pole shift which could take place at any time in the next few thousand years.

I am of the view that, unlike the galactic alignment which can be precisely predicted, possibly resulting in a geophysical pole shift, a geomagnetic pole shift is considerably more unpredictable and not subject to any known factors that we are currently aware of, or the Maya could have measured.

It is extremely unlikely therefore that the Maya would have been able to fix their Long Count Calendar, and in particular 21 December 2012, precisely to a predicted geomagnetic pole shift, with its resultant consequences which could indeed be profound if ocurring. Such a magnetic event could and almost certainly would affect consciousness and may well have many wide range of geophysical consequences, but it is unlikely to have the potential to affect the very fabric of space-time itself, unlike the gravitational potential of the galactic alignment as previously discussed.  

We must always keep in Mind that none of these events mystical events, or chaotic events, or events arising from "prophecies", these events are rather absolutely immutable, measureable and predictable due to know, observable cosmic events, that the Maya knew about, recorded and used as the basis for their Long Count Calendar that "resets" on 21 December 2012.

Now what of the Spiritual consequences, and the ones we should all be focusing on?

As previously discussed, the classic Maya almost certainly fixed the end of their Long Count calendar to coincide with the Galactic Alignment and were also probably aware of the super massive "black hole" that exists at the very centre of our galaxy, although they might not have understood the astrophysics, instead representing it mythically, and which could well exert its influence at the time of the Galactic Alignment. In addition to the physical implications of this galactic event, there are also Energetic and therefore Spiritual implications. Again, and this is most important:

How humanity and all life on Earth experiences this event will be entirely determined by one primary factor - Mind and Consciousness.

Einstein's Law of Relativity describes, among other things, the rate of time, and scale of space. For example a clock may be observed to run slower at lower altitudes, where the gravitational potential exerted on the clock is higher. The gravitational potential of a black hole, in this case the galactic centre is so massive that "time" itself is suspended and the dimensions of "space" reduced to zero. In other words "space" and "time" as experienced on Earth cease to exist altogether.

We, along with all life on Earth, are currently bound together in the same shared quantum reality by virtue of the fact that we are all at the extremity of, and thereby subjected to, the same extreme gravitational potential, and have been since before recorded history. As we approach 2012 and beyond we may well be travelling through the plane of the super-massive black hole at Galactic Centre, associated with greatly modified gravitational potential to which we will all become progressively subjected as this process progresses, as will every planet in our solar system and beyond.

Without going into the extensive and complex quantum mechanics behind this process, the ultimate outcome of this scenario might be that the twin illusions of "space" and "time" would cease to exert their influence. If this finally takes place, and this process is accelerating even now, as mentioned previously, humans will be left "Spiritually naked" in an environment where everything is perceived for what it really is, and where our thoughts, feelings emotions and other powers of the Mind will manifest into our experience instantly no longer being subjected to the twin forces of space-time.

This would be a pivotal juncture for all humanity. Each of us and all life would be freed to realise our true Spiritual potential based upon our individual state of Spiritual evolution knowledge, wisdom and other factors. Those who are thus ready will transition to a quantum reality, a plane of vibration that most closely matches their individual vibration. Although this would happen in due course anyway, this could be a "mass evolution" event that appears to occur from time to time. An opportunity to take the "fast-track" of evolution if the opportunity is recognised and acted upon.

Those not Spiritually prepared will gravitate to another "time-space" bound reality similar to Earth, if Earth is no longer habitable. No one is "destroyed" to oblivion. As immortal, infinite, Spiritual Beings we all continue, but as two varieties of human - those who took the opportunity and those who did not. The latter, as mentioned, will live on somewhere, to prepare themselves for evolution, which can take place at any time, when ready, but in any case when the next great evolutional event comes around with immutable certainty.

So again we can clearly see that the super-massive black hole and the equally super-massive Energy that it radiates outwards from its plane can potentially have a dramatic effect on Earth, humanity and all life on Earth in many different ways.

In the unlikely event that the event is based around a geomagnetic pole shift, there are certainly considerable possible implications for consciousness, becaye we already know that even small changes in a localised magnetic field can influence consciousness, trigger out of body experiences and much more. So a wide ranging geomagnetic pole shift would certainly have the potential to transform consciousness should it take place, possibly resulting in a new phase of evolution for humanity based upon Spiritual rather than material factors as has hitherto been the case, resulting in mankind being in the tentative position it finds itself in today.

One question that may arise is what, if any consequences were there for humanity at previous transitions of the great 25,800 year cycle?

We are restricted by the fact that there are no records dating back that far, and so the only record available is the fossil record. According to the paleoanthropological fossil record our immediate and most recent ancestor, Cro Magnon man appeared as the next evolution of our species, succeeding Neanderthal man which subsequently became extinct. It is most likely therefore that the transition of the current great cycle, "year" or age, symbolically represented by the iconic December 21 2012, will result in the next evolution of humanity that I refer to as "Homo Spriritus" but the shamans of Mesoamerica, who know this evolutionary transition is imminent refer to as "Homo Luminous".

Does this mean that every human will be transformed under these circumstances?  No not at all. Only those sufficiently Spiritually evolved and prepared can metamorphose, everyone else returning to their inner origins where their Higher Self will continue the process either on Earth, if inhabitable, or on some other suitable planet somewhere in the Universe. 

Of course Spiritually we are all infinite and immortal, so no one "ceases to exist" - everyone continues the great adventure on their unique path and quest for perfection on the path of return to Source, the Divine, The First Cause from Whence we came in the beginning.

I am now absolutely certain that the Maya and their use of the Galactic Alignment through their Long Count Calendar as a metaphor, symbolically marking the end and beginning of "ages" were absolutely correct, and that the associated planar super-Energy radiating from the super-massive black hole at Galactic Centre, which the Maya may or may not have been aware of, is the focal point of any causal effects and associated events that we might experience over the next 15 years or so, probably peaking around the end of 2012.

The final, and probably ultimate question therefore is how we, as humans on Earth, at the mercy of these incomprehensibly massive cosmic events can emerge in the best possible Light.

The answer in a word is Consciousness and ultimately the most fundamental Universal Principle of all - Mind.

Even faced with the enormity of these cosmic events we still, as always create our own reality. There is never a single moment where we are at the "mercy" of circumstances "beyond our control", and this is probably the ultimate verification of this truth at every level. Even facing events of this magnitude we still, every single one of us have absolute control over our own destiny - a sobering thought while emphasising the truth that as Source Energy, God, we can still determine our reality, even in the face of massive, natural, cosmic forces.

I have said this before and I will say it again - whatever the collective consciousness of humanity expects to happen will happen - without question. An additional factor is the overall state of Spiritual consciousness of mankind viz a viz Spiritual evolution as opposed to an obsessive focus on material things driven by the Ego.

The next few years are, for humanity, an Divinely orchestrated opportunity, the nature of which only takes place every few thousand years to evolve or to regress, or even to start again after almost total destruction. In previous prediluvian epochs the Lemurians, Atlanteans, humanity at the time of the Great Flood event chose the latter at some level of consciousness, and paid the price, probably setting humanity as a whole back millennia. We must learn from their mistakes and not allow history to repeat itself - yet again.

The person known as "Jesus" came here 2000 years ago for one major reason - to ensure that humanity does not make the same mistake again.

As it is however humanity is making the same mistake again and worse - much worse. The teachings of Jesus were seized by the Romans and turned into a theology based religion, which has contributed in no small way to setting humanity even further back in its Divine quest for perfection in the interests of power and control.

Since then other factions have emerged with the intent, at all costs, to take control over the entire world and everyone on it, and due to the ever increasing egotistical, material focus of humanity, they are, even now achieving their dark side objectives.

The situation of Earth today outwardly, in some respects has never looked bleaker, but I, myself, from what I see and know, believe at the same time that it has never looked better.

I now believe that this time the forces of Light will prevail and that humanity, if motivated to do so, will experience a glorious transition. I believe this to be true because, for the first time in history, we have a global medium of information that we call the Internet, with the power to reach billions of people. This is no accident - nothing happens by chance. Before it was a few powerful, often corrupt people that controlled the masses, as indeed is the case today through certain factions, but today we have the Internet which is hugely more powerful as a global instrument of information, and one that will help in no small measure in the battle between Light and Dark, and ultimately the hearts, Minds and consciousness of all humanity, Earth, Gaia and all life on Earth.

However, the high vibration forces of Light under the influence of Mind is many, many orders of magnitude greater than the low vibration forces of darkness as mentioned above, to such an extent in fact that even now time remains to turn around the situation of humanity in order to claim the glory that rightfully belongs to humanity in the form of an eschatological outcome, resulting in the evolution from Home Sapien to the next generation of mankind, as has happened several times in the history of Earth, to Homo Spiritus, or as some are now describing us - "Homo Luminous".

This is one reason I was inspired by Source to write my book Our Ultimate Reality:

And the reason I am here in dedicating my life to the education of humanity in order to secure the best possible outcome in the events we are facing. Of course I am only one of a number of people on the same mission, all approaching the propagation of knowledge through different resources approaches.

Ultimately it is for every single person fortunate to understand these crucial issues to teach family, friends and others, thus raising awareness and expanding consciousness over the next few years in preparation for what almost certainly to come, and indeed is already happening as any conscious person can clearly see.

So what does this mean in practical terms starting from this moment?

It means that everyone must only focus on Spiritual evolution, turning your back on material things, the cravings of the Ego - one factor that literally "sunk" the Atlanteans - and towards service to others before service to self, and above all Unconditional Love for all creation.

We must also realise Source, Universal Mind, God within, and become conscious channels of expression, experience and thereby expansion of Source - a reason Source created us in the beginning, and blessed us with freewill with the great responsibility that brings.

If each and every one of us enlighten just one other person over the next few years our time on Earth will have been worth it and make no mistake everyone accomplishing this will be blessed. Of course the more people we can reach, the more will be the exponential effect on the collective consciousness, and the greater the likelihood of a glorious outcome to these immutable events.

Everyone must stop taking notice of and preferably even reading the popular media who are owned and managed by the instruments of the forces of darkness, who would seek to physically control the world and the Minds of all humanity.

Everyone must be aware of the covert actions of governments and other entities designed to progressively assume control over the populous, and to resist and reject it.

The forces of darkness know very well that their "window of opportunity" is closing and they must capture the Minds of humanity now, before it is too late and they are annihilated.

The stakes for humanity and Light are high and never been higher.

Many ancient writings, including the Maya and other Mesoamerican and global cultures have described a "great battle in the heavens between the forces of darkness and the forces of Light". This drama is symbolised and metaphorically depicted throughout these cultures  - they all knew, beyond doubt, that this moment in our history would arrive. The book of Revelation is almost exclusively about these events if only people understood it.

We are in the midst of that battle right now, today, and it is getting more and more intense by the moment - literally.

I must add, for the sake of completeness, that nothing at all might happen over the next few years, and that we will look back on these times as the event that never was.

That was the mistake however the Atlanteans and many other cultures made - one of complacency and "it will never happen to us". Famous last words. The Atlanteans never knew what hit them, as with the other now long lost civilisations that we know about and indeed have recently been discovered thousands of feet under the sea.

It is not a gamble that humanity can afford to take - the stakes are high and never been higher in the history of the planet, and a glorious victory is ours for the taking providing we do not repeat the mistakes of the past epochs and Galactic transitions.

On the one side we have the forces of Light, the Source, God, the First Cause, and on the other the forces of darkness - the ancient factions of power and control that would seek to imprison the Mind and Soul of humanity, and deny us of our ultimate glorious destiny - at least for the next few thousand years until the next window of opportunity opens as once again we reach the end of another age and its transition to the next, where all of these factors once again will play out in the "Heavens" and on Earth.

I would suggest that humanity does not wish to endure several thousand years of imprisonment, after which it will be even harder to ascend towards our true destiny.

The time is Now!

Everyone must therefore focus exclusively on inner growth, know only the glorious truth of who we are and where we are going, and do our best to ensure that as many others as possible do the same through education, never through coercion.

Of course there are those who will not be ready this time around, Their time will come but in the meantime it is incumbent on us to make their lives better, and to finally give rise to the biblical prophecy of "Kingdom of Heaven on Earth" for our children and future generations in readiness for the next great transition when their time will surely come, and we will be ready to help them, just as those evolved Spirits before us have, and still do help us.

Only those who are ready for these events and can prepare themselves will become consciously aware of them, and that means every single person reading this newsletter without exception. As always however the choice is yours and yours alone by virtue of the freewill vested in, and entrusted to us by our Divine Creator.

Finally - I do not put this forward as the definitive definition of the events collectively known as "2012", because at the final analysis no one really knows and probably will never know until after the event.  I do believe however that this article does represent the most comprehensive and justifiable diagnosis and prognosis, deeply based in fact and knowledge, and one which will at least serve as a basis of what we might expect, what it all means and above all how we might prepare over the next few years at both an individual and collective level.

This then is by belief and truth, if it were not the case I would not have written about it here. As always though I will conclude with this caveat:

This is my truth and which truth I believe to be true at every level according to my own research, knowledge and in particular information made available to me. It is however your life, your future and your Spiritual path, and accordingly it is for you and you alone to accept or reject what I have written here, in whole or in part, and to plan your own life accordingly - especially over the next few years. You are here, as are we all for a reason, and to experience and potentially benefit greatly from this opportunity. Whatever we can say about the possible causal effects of Galactic Alignment, we can definitely say, without question, that it only happens every few thousands years, and once this event is missed, there will be no further such Divinely orchestrated opportunity for to come. As the well known sayings goes, "it is better to be safe than sorry" and "hindsight is a wonderful thing".

Whether any of these events happen or not, in whole or in part, absolutely nothing is certain except life itself and our infinite, eternal and Divine Spiritual nature as inseparable channels of expression, experience and thereby expansion of Source Energy, who some know as "God, and I know as Universal Mind, everyone should be striving to fulfil their own unique and collective reasons for incarnating here on spaceship, planet Earth at these pivotal times, and should be turning their back on material, ephemeral, transient things, in favour of ongoing perfection and Spiritual Evolution.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the transition around which 2012 is iconically revolves is very much an evolutionary situation, and accordingly this page will be constantly updated in the Light of new information and analysis. My previous 2012 related articles may be viewed here:  You can read my initial 2012 related articles here:

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Again - please do bookmark this page and check this page from time to time for the latest events affecting your present and probable future.

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