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Conspiracies in perspective

Not a day goes by it seems without extreme and often unprecedented weather or Earth event striking some part of the world. Most recently these have been in the form of severe flooding and earthquakes.

I also receive numerous messages from people asking about so called "conspiracies", mostly involving government, but also the "new world order" and "extra terrestrials", asking what we should be doing and how to protect themselves and families from these perceived threats.

The answer is simple - do absolutely nothing.

The more Energy directed in the direction of these perceived threats, whether real or not, the more life they assume, and the more of a threat they become. In other words it is self-fulfilling in exactly the same way as "prophecies" can be self-fulfilling.

At the final analysis, whether these "threats" exist or not there is only one point of true focus in order to ensure the best possible future, and that place is Within.

The Universe only flows in the direction of expansion, well-being and Unconditional Love, these being the natural states we should all enjoy. At the same time The Source, The First Cause, God has blessed us with the ability of freewill, and thereby the means by which we can create our own experiential reality in accordance with our perceived needs and Spiritual evolution.

Although ultimately the Universe will always prevail, humans can still, on both a personal and collective level influence the "future" as it relates to the temporal confines of Earth, and therefore immediate temporal experience, which to people on Earth can seem to last for a lifetime. This might produce what seems to humans to be an almost desperate or hopeless situation, for example as in the "dark ages" in past Earth history, but which to the Universe the merest blip in the grand scheme of things.

In short - there is an easy and a hard way of doing things.

Historically, due to a lack of understanding and other very human traits such as the quest for power and material gain, humans have invariably taken the hardest way, and many continue to do so.

What we are seeing and experiencing today during this great transition of the ages is a confluence of factors, as yet remaining quantum probabilities, any or all of which can finally exert their influence in what would become the event or events that would shape the future of humanity, for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Everything we are seeing, feeling and experiencing right now represents the pieces on the cosmic chess board, all of which are maneuvering for position, waiting for checkmate in this particular game. As in a game of chess there is the white side and the black side, the Light side and the dark side - we must ensure that the Light side wins the game. As in the game of chess, the Light side made the first move and in the final end-game will make the final and decisive move, but we still need to ensure that humanity wins this round for the forces of Light.

In short - what humanity expects, feels and believes will happen over the next few years will happen. Focus on cataclysm and that will be the experience. Focus on a single global fascist dictatorship controlling powerless humans, and that will be the outcome. Focus on some other external influence such as extra-terrestrials and that will be the outcome. Or all of these could happen at the same time.

The truth is the coming transition of the ages is potentially the beginning of a golden age for humanity and all life on Earth, if only we would focus on that one outcome. Everywhere I look, and from the countless messages I receive it is very clear to me that humanity is awakening to their true infinite and Spiritual nature, just waiting to be realised.

The way forward is simple but profoundly important - focus within and on Spiritual growth, service to others and Unconditional Love for all life, and the outcome for mankind will be glorious as we externalise the Kingdom of Heaven within to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

In practical terms this means totally disregarding all so called conspiracies and external events of all types as if they do not exist at all. Do not read publications that promote or even report these things, all they serve to do is make them more real. Ideally do not read or watch the news in papers, on the TV or the Internet.

They are simply reinforcing all of these negative factors and thereby making them more real, notwithstanding any hidden agendas of the factions controlling the media. The media exerts a strong influence over the Minds of people, and this is one of the very greatest dangers facing everyone in the future.

There is no "past" as such or "future", these are simply temporal illusions perpetuated only by the five physical senses within the space-time continuum of the physical three dimensional Universe, so why be concerned with such illusions?

There is, in reality, only "Now" and it is in the present moment of Now that we create our own reality based upon our thoughts, feelings, emotions,desires, expectations and many other factors.

If all mankind focuses only within, with Unconditional Love and trust in The Universe, The source, God, of Whom we are all inseparable aspects, then the natural flow of the Universe will inexorably exert Divine influence, resulting in a new golden age for humans and all life on Earth, everything else simply fading way in to the background as unrealised quantum probabilities.

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